The Edward Bernays College of Communication Management

The Edward Bernays College of Communication Management is the first private institute of higher education in Croatia and the region to provide comprehensive specialized education in the area of communication management and public relations. Bernays is the first in the regional market to fully integrate communication studies and to adapt them in the minutest details to the real needs of the public relations market at a time when there is a lack of PR specialists. In this manner, available to students in the region is an education that meets the highest educational standards and a European degree confirming their education according to the carefully planned study program.

Lecturers at Bernays are leading American and local experts from the world of academia and practice; experts with a long academic experience, owners and directors of leading regional agencies and PR companies, of corporate communications departments in Croatian and international companies; and institutional and political consultants. Combining academic knowledge and with practical examples provides students the opportunity to completely master communication management.