Significant author interest to participate in Communication Management Forum

More than 100 authors from 10 European countries have registered thus far to participate in Bernays' international academic conference.

More than 100 eminent scholars and future PhD holders in social sciences and humanities, as well as experts from disciplines such as public relations, marketing, media and intercultural communication have applied to participate in the Bernays' first international academic conference, Communication Management Forum 2015. The participants who have submitted abstracts of their papers come from 10 countries, including Italy, Portugal, Lithuania, the Netherlands and countries from the region.

Papers with positive reviews will be published in the special conference proceedings, which can be considered this conference's greatest contribution, because still lacking in Croatia are papers from the fields of public relations, media and marketing.

In addition to Bernays' International Conference being an excellent opportunity to exchange experiences, Communication Management Forum 2015 is also an excellent platform where participants will, during the two-day event, present the results of their research and case studies, providing valuable conclusions regarding the manners in which organizations and the media adapt to new communications circumstances within the industry.

The international academic conference Communication Management Forum will take place on 8 and 9 May 2015, on the occasions of marking the second anniversary of the Edward Bernays College of Communication Management, the first and only institution of higher education in South East Europe to provide comprehensive education in the field of communication management and public relations, and also the largest communication management study programme in the Republic of Croatia.