Prof. Darko Tipurić, PhD third keynote speaker at Communication Management Forum 2015

At Bernays' international academic conference in May, this leading Croatian expert in corporate management will hold a lecture on the topic “Communication Problems in Corporate Governance”.

In addition to two renowned experts from the field of corporate communications, Prof. Dejan Verčič, PhD and Prof. Emeritus Betteke van Ruler, PhD, one of the keynote speakers at Communication Management Forum 2015 will be Prof. Darko Tipurić, PhD, long-time professor and dean of the Faculty of Economics and Business in Zagreb and leading Croatian expert in the field of corporate governance. As an experienced expert in governance, Prof. Tipurić will, in his presentation, provide an overview of communication difficulties in corporate governance continuously faced by different structures within companies.

Prof. Darko Tipurić has been giving lectures to numerous students of the Faculty of Business and Economics for over two decades already, and is also a welcome guest lecturer at numerous universities including Leeds Metropolitan University. During his long career, he has written more than one hundred academic papers and articles in the field of management, and in recent years his activities have focused on investigating the competitive abilities and strategies of Croatian companies, as well as employee stock ownership, privatization and corporate governance. Prof. Tipurić has participated as a collaborator and researcher in a number of academic projects in Croatia and abroad, and is a member of the programme committees, review boards and editorial boards of several international academic conferences. He has received four Mijo Mirković Awards for his books “Strateški savezi: suradnjom poduzeća do konkurentske prednosti”, “ESOP i hrvatsko poduzeće”, “Nadzorni odbor i korporativno upravljanje” and “Korporativno upravljanje”.