Poslovni Dnevnik general media sponsor of Communication Management Forum 2015

Croatia's leading business medium, reaching over 300,000 unique visitors through its media platforms, supports Bernays' international academic conference.

In the organisation of the first international academic conference Communication Management Forum, which will host the most prominent European communication professionals in May, 2015, the Edward Bernays College of Communication Management has been joined by the leading business medium in Croatia. Poslovni Dnevnik has become the exclusive media sponsor of the two-day conference on the topic of integrated communications and, in doing so, has joined the likes of the Croatian Association for Public Relations, Coca-Cola HBC Croatia and Blitz-Cinestar, offering its assistance in the organisation of Bernays' first international academic conference and also, currently, one of the most important events in the field of public relations, media, marketing and intercultural communication.

In addition to regular reporting on news from the business sector, Poslovni Dnevnik also places a strong emphasis on the organisation of educational lectures and conferences, thereby encouraging the development and growth of the domestic economy. In 2014 alone, more than 3500 Croatian managers, entrepreneurs and craft owners attended their workshops and conferences. Therefore, it is no wonder that Poslovni Dnevnik has decided to support Communication Management Forum 2015 and will be involved as the general media sponsor of Bernays’ first academic conference. Up till now, more than 100 researchers, experts and practitioners have registered, who will, during the two days of the conference, exchange knowledge, opinions and ways in which modern and traditional communication tools interact with one another, as well as how and to what extent modern technology has caused changes to communication paradigms within organisations. Participating in the first day of the conference will be renowned Croatian and European experts from the field of public relations, communication management and marketing, among which the most significant are Prof. Dejan Verčič, Ph.D., Prof. Emer. Betteke van Ruler and Prof. Darko Tipurić, Ph.D., who are the conference’s keynote speakers.