Coca-Cola HBC Croatia partner of Communication Management Forum 2015

Recognizing the importance of Bernays' international conference on integrated communications, Coca-Cola HBC Croatia supports Bernays' first major academic project

By donating their well-known products for the international conference Communication Management Forum 2015, Coca-Cola HBC Croatia acknowledged the quality and importance of Bernays’ first academic conference to be held on May 8 and 9 in Zagreb, with more than 100 scientists and experts in the field of public relations, media, marketing and intercultural communication. Since the topics of this year's Communication Management Forum are integrated communications and the exchange of experiences and opinions of experts and academics on reconciling traditional and new communication tools that are part of any organisation, this conference is of great importance for a company like Coca-Cola, which employs about 700 individuals in Croatia alone.

By cooperating with numerous educational institutions and supporting various socially important projects, this multinational company has been showing for many years that it is socially responsible. Worth mentioning out of its most important corporate social responsibility projects is Coca-Cola HBC Croatia’s publication "The Language Manual of Coca-Cola HBC Croatia –Croatian in Business Communication", by which means the company recognized the importance of proper and grammatically correct communication within the business community, while it also constitutes a fundamental prerequisite for the use of different communication tools and techniques. The manual consists of basic rules of standard Croatian, rules for appropriate business communication as well as a dictionary with numerous Croatian and foreign words, phrases and concepts that members of the business community encounter on a daily basis. The project received  the European Corporate Social Responsibility Award for Croatia by the Croatian Chamber of Economy and the Croatian Business Council for Sustainable Development.

The partnership between Coca-Cola HBC Croatia and the Edward Bernays College of Communication Management for the organisation of the academic conference Communication Management Forum 2015 constitutes the beginning of a cooperation that will continue with Bernays students gaining practical experience through traineeships at Coca-Cola.