More than 80 academic papers submitted to Communication Management Forum 2019

Papers submitted for third Bernays international scientific conference signed by more than 90 long-standing scientists, distinguished professors and renowned experts.

The third international scientific conference Communication Management Forum will be held on 10 and 11 May. The purpose of this conference is to provide an answer to the question to what extent is communication a key factor in establishing national brand, how to leverage its own strengths to strengthen the image of the country and to advance its promotion in the world. The conference is held under the title "Finding a Common Denominator: Communication, Tourism, National Culture and Brand", and more than 80 scientific and professional papers have been submitted for this year's edition, with 65 papers being presented at the conference.

With the organisation of its international scientific conference, Bernays, as the most innovative university in Croatia that enables students to study within the study verticals of communication and tourism, seeks to support the further development of science in this part of the academic community, thus contributing to the development of these fields. The importance and the role of the Communication Management Forum is attested by the more than 300 participants who in 2015 and 2017 presented their work and participated in numerous professional and academic discussions.

After all the papers are presented, they undergo a demanding review procedure, and those that are positively graded will be published in the conference proceedings with an international editorial board. The best papers will secure their place in our international academic journal “Communication Management Review”, which provides an overview of the latest trends and an academic overview of various social phenomena. The journal has been published in English  and Croatian since 2016, with a new issue every six months