Communication Management Forum

Communication Management Forum 2015 is an international academic conference that gathers researchers and professionals from public relations, marketing communications and related disciplines. This year’s conference is the first edition of Communication Management Forum, whose goal is to become a traditional biennial gathering of professionals and researchers from the communications industry, a place where they will exchange ideas, knowledge and insights, as well as present the results of diverse research in the previously defined areas. 

This year's topic is "Reconciling the traditional and contemporary: the new integrated communication". Integrated communications, in its theoretical sense, represents an ideal concept of organisational communication. However, reality tells us that the complexity of the surroundings in which organisations operate make the process of integrating overall communications extremely demanding and complex. The rapid development of technologies requires an equally rapid development of communication channels and of diverse platforms, and places in front of them the imperative of constant adaptations and juggling between traditional and new channels. Communication Management Forum 2015 aims to analyse in which manner organisations and media adapt to new circumstances, as well as how they reconcile the specific features of traditional communication tools, channels and strategies with new ones, to what extent contemporary technologies cause changes in the communication paradigms of organisations, and all with the objective of defining the phenomenon that we would call “new integrated communication”.